A Close Look at TweakBit PCSuite

Regardless of what your needs are in relation to PC maintenance or optimization, there is a program that most likely covers them. Today we are reviewing a Swiss knife of a program that can clean up, speed up, fix and tweak your PC to give you the results you are looking for – PCSuite from TweakBit Software.

From the first launch, PCSuite greets you with a clean and beautifully designed interface. One can see right away that in this program it’s easy to tell what’s what and where to look for things. A video intro tells you what benefits you can expect from the software, but if you want to get right to business, just select ‘Skip Intro’ and you can click the big button right in the center to start a diagnostic scan.

The software checks for pretty much any issues that may have a negative effect on your PC’s performance, including junk file accumulations, registry errors and incorrect settings that may slow down your system or your Internet connection and interfere with overall stability. You see the verdict on screen and also have the option to view a detailed report listing every problematic file or registry entry detected on your PC. The information is presented in a clear format, accompanied with hints and explanations. You get all the info you need to decide if you want to keep any of that stuff, but we can bet you won’t.

Once the scan is done, all you have to do is click the Repair All button and the program gets to work resolving every problem it has detected. Running PCSuite on several of our test computers showed measurable improvements in the speed of common operations, such as file opening, copying, web page loading, file downloads, uploads and even virus scans. Cleanup of junk files and corrupt registry entries was done with care and precision with no damage to any critical system components or important data detected in any of our tests. We found the software effective at boosting our test PCs’ performance in most of the key areas, and that’s just after the general cleanup and optimization, which is only the tip of the iceberg PCSuite is.

In the bottom-right corner of the repair results area in the main window you can see a tab that lets you click a toolkit symbol to access the list of all tools PCSuite has to offer. And there are plenty of them, subdivided into categories of speed improvement, disk management, internet optimization and privacy protection. You can do all these things with PCSuite component utilities:

As you can see, there is quite a lot you can do with PCSuite in addition to improving your PC’s performance. The program combines over a dozen very useful tools, which together make up one of the most comprehensive utility suites in the market. The software is very easy to navigate, with clear instructions supplied for every feature, and what’s most important - it really does what it promises, which was confirmed in all of the tests we ran of this program.

Verdict: Whether your computer needs a cleanup, speedup or a fix to other performance issues, you get a complete toolkit in TweakBit PCSuite that is effective, fast and extremely easy to use.


Name: PCSuite
Developer: TweakBit
Release date: June 12, 2013
Program size: 15.21 MB
System requirements: Windows 8 (32 & 64-bit), Windows 7 (32 & 64-bit), Vista (32-bit), XP (32-bit)
Product link: Download
Mark Gray is editor-in-chief of SoftwareTested.com. He has worked for a number of big IT industry players during his career, and finally decided to pursue his passion and devote majority of his time and effort to bringing technology and the end user closer together.