Does it work? A close look at TweakBit FixMyPC

We have seen a number of recent surveys that showed one of the most common workplace issues most office workers are annoyed with to be various computer glitches. And that’s in an office environment, where there is usually an IT person or a whole department doing regular maintenance and repairing workstations. What about home computers? You can judge about how common the buggy PC problem is by reading PC help forum threads, but that only gives you a limited idea. Most PC users dismiss first signs of PC stability problems or attribute them to their machines getting old or being used too heavily. Not everyone knows that any computer can remain fast and stable until its hardware starts reaching the end of its life expectancy period. Old PC doesn’t always equal buggy PC, not when you keep your hand on your machine’s pulse and eliminate or even prevent stability issues to maintain a healthy system.

Today we are taking a look at TweakBit FixMyPC – an application made to detect abnormalities that may cause computer lagging, freezing, error messages, BSOD’s, full crashes, random reboots and the like. First of all we should note that not all programs that deal with registry cleanup or repair are created equal. There are registry cleaners that may hack away at the heart of your Windows system with so little regard for what they may damage, that they almost inevitably cause more problems than they can fix, sometimes rendering your operating system completely unbootable. We urge you to exercise caution when trying such programs on your PC.

FixMyPC comes from a software maker with a good reputation on the market for consistently safe and reliable products. What is great in this program is that creating backups prior to running any cleanup or repair is not an option, it is mandatory and is done by default without you having to check any boxes or change any settings.

For this test, we used a computer that had several errors frequently popping up, including ActiveX malfunctions, as well as applications crashing randomly and the PC freezing intermittently. Running a scan with FixMyPC uncovered hundreds of stability issues, which really wasn’t any surprise given the heavy hiccups the PC was having. We were able to see the details of every detected issue, including the registry key name, its rating and description. For an advanced user comfortable with manual registry editing the report would provide enough info to go in and remove every problematic key by hand, but that’s definitely not something regular PC users should attempt.

The one-click repair of all detected issues on our test computer took about 55 seconds - that’s less than a minute. We did reboot the PC after repair and ran it for a while trying to reproduce the errors that we used to get on it. No matter how hard we tried, the PC did not pop out any error messages or display any of its previously frequent performance bumps. We can conclude that FixMyPC was able to restore smooth operation on our test computer in just one run.

FixMyPC doesn't just repair registry problems, but improves your PC's security as well. Its automatic tools are designed to protect your registry from unauthorized remote access, prevent malware that comes on removable devices from automatically executing when the device is attached to your PC, and also watch your system for potential security issues and tweaking system settings to improve defenses.
Verdict: Using the program on an error-ridden machine restored smooth performance in one run with no side effects whatsoever. FixMyPC is a safe and reliable choice for PC users of any experience level.


Name: FixMyPC
Developer: TweakBit
Release date: June 12, 2013
Program size: 11.8 MB
System requirements: Windows 8 (32 & 64-bit), Windows 7 (32 & 64-bit), Vista (32-bit), XP (32-bit)
Product link: Download
Sam is an IT specialist with over 10 years of experience in tweaking, fixing and supporting computers and networks of all types and sizes. He enjoys exploring new developments in the field of technology and sharing his experiences and experiments with the world.